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Ba Zi Introduction

Life Reading Ba Zi Resources


Pillars of Destiny or also known as Four Pillars, Eight Characters (ba zi). It is an ancient Chinese Art of Feng Shui Fortune Telling which can reveal lots of information about a person's destiny from a person's date of birth.

Basic Information required

  • Name of Person
  • Gender (Male or Female)
  • Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY) - Solar Calendar (Western Calendar)
  • Hour of Birth (This is not required but can provide additional accuracy)

Calendar Formats Used

Whether a Lunar Calendar or Xia Calendar is used there are basically not much difference when the Lunar Months and Xia Months are the same. However, when there is a difference, the Xia month is often one month off. This means that it does not see certain dates found in the Lunar. 

This concept is called the Blind Days or Gray periods. Blind Days are dates which Xia month cannot see when the moon is, but based on the seasons which is as similar to the Solar Calendar where there is fix periods of months. The Lunar Calendar on the other hand follows the revolution of the moon around the earth.

Lunar Calendar - Lunar Calendar is based on the Moon revolution around the earth. 

Xia Calendar - Xia Calendar is based on Seasons which is normally fixed on the 3-6 day of each Solar month.

We found the Lunar Calendar to be more accurate from our many research and tests done for those people in the Blind Days or Gray Periods. Thus is used as the base calculation for the reports by Geomancy.Net especially when doing calculations for people found between these Gray periods.

Pillars of Destiny Charts

The Pillars of Destiny has to be calculated from the Chinese Calendar and not the Solar Calendar (Western Calendar).

From each of the year, month, day, hour, a heavenly stem and earthly branches are determined. Thus, forming 8 different characters (or 6 characters if hour is missing). This was originally how the the name of this Tool was derived Eight Characters (Ba Zi).

What is a Pillar?

This is an example of a Year Pillar, comprising of yi-wei.
The character on the top is the heavenly stem
The character on the bottom is the earthly branches

yin Wood

yin Earth

1. Heavenly Stem

This comprises of 10 different unique characters and is considered the heavenly spirit of the pillar.

2. Earthly Branches

This comprises of 12 different unique character and is considered the earthly spirit of the pillar.

How does a Pillars of Destiny Chart looks like?

It looks the following with 4 pillars, hour, day, month, year. Normally in Chinese we read it from the Right to Left. Thus, the first pillar is the year pillar which is on the right most column.



4th Pillar

3rd Pillar

2nd Pillar

1st Pillar






Heavenly Stem

yang Fire

yang Water

yang Fire

yin Wood

Earthly Branches

yin Earth

yang Earth

yang Earth

yin Earth

 Learn more about True Birth Elements >

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What is Ba Zi?

Life Reading Ba Zi Resources

Chinese Value System

Chinese value Destiny so highly that it  is the FIRST in ORDER of their TOP priorities, SECOND: Luck and THIRD: Feng Shui.

Discover your Destiny is a complex study of a person's date of birth, astrology sign and the Five Elements.

Destiny and Luck are Innate Factors

The belief that Destiny and Luck are innate  factors.

Feng Shui, Education and Philanthorpy?

Non-innate factors: Feng Shui, Education and Philanthropy combined can contribute to a person's success!  Therefore, a person's life is influenced by his birth date  (Your Destiny) while good Feng Shui and hardwork will contribute  to a happy life.

Pillars of Destiny

In Chinese astrology it is vital to know the Eight Characters of your horoscope, these being the  characters for the HOUR, DAY, MONTH and YEAR of your birth.

Each of the HOUR, DAY, MONTH and YEAR of your birth will have a combination of the Heavenly Stem  and Earthly Branch, giving a total of eight characters.

Take the example of a person known as Mr Samuel Richard, Male born on 6 March 1970 at 3.00am.  With the resulting eight characters, namely falling under hour, day, month and year:-

Samuel Richard's Eight Characters of Birth Chart:- 


1st  Pillar

2nd  Pillar

3rd  Pillar

4th  Pillar






Heavenly Stem

yang EARTH

yin WOOD

yang EARTH

yang METAL

Earthly  Branches

yang WOOD


yang WOOD

yang EARTH

Why is it called Eight Characters?

By looking at the above Chart, you will  notice that there are 4 columns X 2 rows = Eight Characters.  It is easy to understand why the Chinese call this theory simply as a person's Eight Characters.

Is the Eight Characters also known as  Four Pillars of Destiny or Pillars of Destiny?

Yes! The Eight Characters is also known  as the 4 Pillars of Destiny or simply as Pillars of Destiny  because there are a total of 4 columns that make up the above table. Imagine each Column as a Pillar = Four Pillars.

In Mandarin, it is also called Pa-Zhi or Ba-Zhi which is a direct translation of the English word Eight Characters. Traditionally it was usually written from  Right to Left but not important here as it is simply the way Chinese write.

It is the most accurate divinity method  available in the world.

The Four Pillars of Destiny is considered  by many as one of the most accurate methods of divinity in the world. It is based on the ancient Chinese Book of Changes or IChing, the principles of yin and yang, the 5  elements as well as the art of Chinese astrology. Thus it is not based on random set of predictions but a well defined set of various Chinese theories.

What are the uses for knowing my Pillars of Destiny?

1. Finding a name for a newborn child.

In the past, it was a tradition of many  Chinese officials, parents or grandparents to consult an expert on Pillars of Destiny to draw up and intepret a newborn's `Eight Characters'. This is to look at the child's `strengths'  and `weaknesses' (if any) e.g. in one case, the child was  born `lacking' the water element and the parent choose a  name with Chinese Character of "Water" for his name.

The parent of the child would then keep  their child's Pillars of Destiny Report for future reference  or safekeeping.

2. House Planning and Decoration.

In the above example, the child lacks the  Water Element and this information would be useful when  he plans his house and decoration/renovations. It would thus be beneficial for his house to have more of either the Water element or Metal element to compensate this.

As the child is a Wood person his personal colours are green or brown.

3. Fortune-telling by 10 year periods.

Click here to find out or Wait!, this will be covered  fully in a later topic.

4. Create Company Logos based on your  suitable elements.

Click here to find out or Wait!, this will be covered  fully in a later topic.

5. More uses of Pillars of Destiny.

Other uses of Pillars of Destiny Report  includes Compatible with associates, friends and love-match;  suitable Occupation, Health tips, gemstones and much more!  You can even show this report to your Feng Shui practioner  and even claim a discount! *JOKE*

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Luck Pillars

Life Reading Ba Zi Resources

Luck Pillars

This tells you how is your luck for the each periods. There is a luck pillar for a 10-year period, 5-year period, 1-year period and so on.

Normally, we are concerned a lot with the 10-year, 5-year and 1-year luck period.

10-year Luck (Big Luck Period)

This 10-year luck period shows your luck which is represented by the Seasonal Luck Direction. This period is also known as your Big Luck Period.

Seasonal Luck Direction

This is the season which is present in this 10-year period affects your luck. And this season which is present last for a duration of 10 years.

If this period is good for you, generally you will enjoy an auspicious period for this entire period. Otherwise, you will not be that lucky this period.

You can also make use of this to aid you whenever you intend to travel. Travelling along the directions of your favourable seasonal direction brings you additional luck. 

5-year Luck (Lesser Luck)

This is considered your lesser luck period. Analysis of your luck period during the each of the 5-year period of the Big Luck.

This normally tells you if this period is good or bad for you. There are three levels of break-down:-

  • Auspicious / Very Auspicious
  • Mixed-Blessing
  • Inauspicious / Very Inauspicious

Generally, if it is auspicious you will find that there would not be much problems in that period. On the contrary, you will find that something good should happen in this period, eg a smooth career.

If it is Mixed-Blessing, it means that you will get something good say for example a birth of a new baby. At the same time something not good will also happen, such as maybe losing your job.

If it is inausipicious, generally something bad would happen, such as you find that this period is very tough or that you meet with some misfortune.

Those are just some guides. Remember that it is only a 5-year period, so there are some limitations to the accuracy of its prediction. But it is taken as a whole 5-year in general with other things in your environment not taken into consideration.

1-year Luck (Annual Luck)

This is your annual luck, which is determined by the changes in the year. It does have a major influence in determining your luck for the year. For example, if your Big Luck and Lesser Luck says that a period is good for you, but during that Annual Luck, it shows an inauspicious. 

This would then mean that you will encounter some difficulties during this period. If this period is auspicious, then you should enjoy a good year.

How does the 1 period of this 10-year, 5-year chart looks like?

The chart below is extracted from the full report done by Pillars of Destiny which has been specially formatted in this way copyright by Robert Lee for easy reference to your luck pillars.

You will find the 10-year luck pillars on the top, and the 5-year within the 10-year luck pillars.

For the time being ignore the other additional analysis. They will be explained in detailed in their respective sections.


Luck Period 1 : Age of 3 to 12 (1958 to 1967)



10 Years Luck Pillars General Analysis


Seasonal Luck Direction:
This period falls under the Autumn season. Favouring West directional luck period, which happens to be the Metal element. As you are a Weak Water, this period is auspicious for you.





Luck Pillars Chart


3 - 12

Heavenly Stem


Ten Deities

shang guan

Earthly Branch


Hidden Element 1

yin Metal

Ten Deities 1

zheng yin
Main Funds

Hidden Element 2

Nil Nil

Ten Deities 2


Hidden Element 3

Nil Nil

Ten Deities 3




First 5 Years Detailed Analysis


During the age of 3 to 7 (1958 to 1962), this period is dominated by WeakestWood element. As you are a WeakWater, this period is mixed-blessing for you because Weakest Wood is too weak to exhaust your WeakWater.

Suggested Prevention:

You should still try to help your WeakWater with Metal or Wood.


No clashes in the Heavenly Stem was found.


Click here for Yearly Luck Pillars Analysis.

Next 5 Years Detailed Analysis


During the age of 8 to 12 (1963 to 1967), this period is dominated by StrongMetal element. As you are a WeakWater, this period is very auspicious for you because Strong Metal helps to strengthen your WeakWater.


You should try to make use of this excellent luck period to start a business/career or utilise this excellent period.


No clashes in the Earthly Branches was found.


Click here for Yearly Luck Pillars Analysis.

Symbolic Stars



No Symbolic Stars found!

So how am I going to know which analysis to look at?

1. 10-year (Big Luck)

The 10-year seasonal luck is of a lesser importance. However, what you can understand from that is whether the current direction which the period falls under is good or bad for you.

Normally, by looking at the entire 80-year luck period, if you have very little inauspicious Seasonal Luck, it means that your life is generally pretty good. Otherwise, it means that you will have many ups and downs along your life.

2. 5-year (Lesser Luck)

This is more accurate and thus is a more important details to look at. This is because there are clashes, symbolic stars which occurs during this 5-year period. That affects the entire stretch of time.

Normally, if it is inauspicious, you will then make use of solutions recommended by the report to reduce the influence of your environment to bring your Qi back into balance.

An inauspicious 5-year period, means that you will not enjoy a favourable period for the entire 5-year period. Even if the 1-year period in the period is good, it simply means that that is a better period among the 5-year period.

During each Lesser Luck period, a 10-deity and a symbolic stars is in power. Whether it is good or not depends on what you lack in your life.

Say for example if you lack water, and this year the 10-deity is water, it would bring you additional luck by providing you with the element which you lack.

3. 1-year (Annual Luck)

This is important when you intend to enhance yourself. This is the types of stars and deities which guides the current year. It is important because it depends what you will be encountering for the year.

How can I improve my current luck?

Focus on your 5-year and 1-year luck analysis. Every year your luck changes and by understanding how your luck changes each year and the interaction with your environment, you can determine if you need to improve your luck.


Next 5 Years Detailed Analysis
During the age of 8 to 12 (1963 to 1967), this period is dominated by StrongMetal element. As you are a WeakWater, this period is very auspicious for you because Strong Metal helps to strengthen your WeakWater.

You should try to make use of this excellent luck period to start a business/career or utilise this excellent period.

When ever you have such a suggestion and you do have something you find worthwhile, do it! We have seen many charts who had taken advantage of this and succeeded!


First 5 Years Detailed Analysis
During the age of 3 to 7 (1958 to 1962), this period is dominated by WeakestWood element. As you are a WeakWater, this period is mixed-blessing for you because Weakest Wood is too weak to exhaust your WeakWater.

Suggested Prevention:
You should still try to help your WeakWater with Metal or Wood.

For example when you have this type of analysis, a suggestion to make use of Metal or Wood will help you improve the luck for the 5-year period.


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True Element

Life Reading Ba Zi Resources

True Birth Element

This tells you your actual Birth Element out of the Five Element. The Five Element consists of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth.

There are two basic relationship which you need to understand:-

1. Production Cycle

  • Metal produces Water
  • Water produces Wood
  • Wood produces Fire
  • Fire produces Earth
  • Earth produces Metal

2. Destruction Cycle

  • Metal destroys Wood
  • Wood destroys Earth
  • Earth destroys Water
  • Water destroys Fire
  • Fire destroys Metal

Why do you need to know you True Birth Element?

Everything in Feng Shui revolves around these basic concepts that stress the concepts of balance to bring harmony:-

1. Yin & Yang

This concepts tells that every objects has two states, "more yin and less yang" or "less yang and more yin". This revolves are round a tai-ji principle that both forces are always in motion and together creates harmony. It is difficult to reach a states where you have equal yin and equal yang which is perfect balance. These states are again considered as forms of Qi. 

2. Five Element

This concepts revolves around 5 different elements which is similar to being a form of Qi. This is slightly more comprehensive as compared to Yin & Yang, which allows many complex calculation because the Five Element are both self-producing and yet self-controlling. Only when you have a balance of all Five Elements are you consider in harmony.

So what is Qi (C'hi)?

Qi (C'hi) is a form that of energy which is present in around the environment and in every object. It is presented in a forms of shapes or materials that an object is made of. This Qi is constantly moving and thus in order to bring yourself in harmony you need to understand these Qi. 

There are two forms of Qi:-

1. Beneficial Qi

Beneficial Qi is what you want to have around you. These are Qi that bring you in harmony allowing you to take advantage of the environment to your advantage.

2. Unbeneficial Qi (Sha Qi)

Unbeneficial Qi is what you call Sha Qi. This means that the Qi in motion is unbalance which results in creating problems for you.

What has these got to do with my Destiny or Feng Shui?

It got everything to do with Feng Shui, because it is this Qi which we are trying to bring in Harmony with your Environment. 

Qi is found in every objects in your environment. Be it a table, chair, your house etc. Every object has Yin & Yang and Five Element in them. This is how you can use the relationship to help you deduce problems and find solutions to create the harmony which you are lacking.

This relationship is used in these major forms of studies:-

  • Shapes and Forms - for your external environment
  • Pillars of Destiny - for a person
  • Eight House - for a person & finding a suitable home
  • Flying Star - for a house

How can I bring myself in harmony with these Qi?

In order to bring yourself in harmony with these Qi, you need to understand how to relate the various objects together.

This means that you have to make use of each of the major forms of studies stated above to relate the various Qi into a single and common concept which is Yin & Yang and the Five Element Concepts.

So Pillars of Destiny provides the necessary understanding of how you are represented in your environment and how you can relate it to the other forms of Feng Shui.

Is the strength of your True element important?

Yes, it is essential to understanding your destiny. This is because there is a great difference between a weak wood and a strong wood.

A weak wood is like a small plant while a strong wood is like a strong tree. It is easy to chop down a plant but very difficult to chop down a strong tree.

This also means that the relationship between the Five Element will change completely because of the strength of your element.

For example, weak wood like water and wood to strengthen the weak wood. On the other hand, a strong wood prefers fire or metal that helps to reduce the strong wood.

Why is that so? 

This is because in Feng Shui it is more important to be in harmony that means in balance. If you are a weak wood or a strong wood, you are still not in balance.

Weak Wood means that you are still pretty weak. Strong Wood means that you are too strong.

Take your body for example, your body has to have certain proportion of ingredients such as salt, sugar etc.

If you do not take a single drop of salt at all, your body will complaint. Similarly if you take too much salt, you may develop High Blood Pressure  which is equally bad .

The Five Element also represents a portion of your body, this means that if you have too much of say water in your pillars, this means that a portion of your body has too much of one Qi which is bad and normally represents problems in that area.

Similarly if you are a Strong Wood, and you stay in a house represented by Wood, then you will have more trouble then benefits as you are being bombarded with too much of one Qi which means that for example Earth element, creating a great imbalance.

So what can I do?

After knowing your true element, say you are weak Wood, you should try to enhance it by strengthening it with elements representing Water or Wood.

Similarly if you are a strong Wood, you should try to control it with Fire or Metal. This way you can create a balance in yourself with your environment.

How do I find out what Element I belong to?

We have created a computerized Pillars of Destiny Report which does all the many complex calculation for you.

Simply proceed to the Final Analysis portion of the report. You can find out more about the favourable and unfavourable elements, by clicking on the link stated in the report. This will bring you to a separate Five Element Cures Modules which does a detailed breakdown of relationship for you so that you will be able to know what elements are good and bad for you.

Final Analysis
Your Birth Element is the Water element. You were born in the Autumn season, when your Water element was Extremely Weak. You have an additional 0Water Element to supplement your Main Element. You do not have any Metal Element. You have 3Earth Element that destroy your Main Element. You have 1Fire Element to supplement the Earth Element. Therefore, your Birth Element is a WeakWater.
 Click here to check up the favourable and unfavourable elements using the Five Element Cures Module.
If you are a weak person, you should enhance your weak self. If you are a strong person, you need to control your strong self. Once you can do this, you will be able to take advantage of the wealth deities found later on in this report, by being with element which are your Wealth deities.

How do I tell if I my elements are balance or not?

Simply proceed to the Summary of Elements and Strength's after Combination portion of the report. 

Normally you should have at least 1 of each element. 

Thus any element which is represented by 0 is considered what you lack in your life. You should try to compensate for it during your life.

Anything which you have more then 3 is also considered too much. Thus you many need to have some elements to control this excess.




1 Water

Extremely Weak

Water is your Main Element.

1 Wood


No effect on your Main Element, Water.

1 Fire


Fire helps to produce Earth, which destroy your Main Element, Water.

3 Earth


Earth destroys your Main Element, Water.

0 Metal


Metal helps to produce your Main Element, Water.


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Ten Deities

Life Reading Ba Zi Resources

Ten Deities

Below you will see an example of a person's Ten Deities. Each person will have their deities represented by different element based on their charts.

The chart below has been automatically worked out by our Pillars of Destiny Report.

Ten Deities (English)


Element representation


Earned Wealth

zheng cai



zheng guan


Main Funds

zheng yin



shang guan



jie cai


Unexpected Wealth

pian cai



qi sha


Unexpected Funds

pian yin


Emotional Intelligence

shi shen



bi jian


If you want to tell if you are rich or poor, a glace at this chart can tell you everything you need to know. 

For example for this person, his wealth is represented by Fire. This means that if his luck period falls in a period with fire, he will have additional wealth deities. This means more opportunity to gain wealth.

What do I need to take advantage of these deities (especially wealth)?

In order to take advantage of these deities is to make sure that you are a strong element. 

If your element is weak and you have lots of wealth in your charts, then in order to take advantage of these deities you need to strengthen your true birth element with a job which represents your favourable element. 

If you are a person with strong element but have very little wealth deities, then in order to improve your wealth, you can getting a job favourable to your wealth element.

If you are a person with weak element and little wealth deities, then you should enhance your weak element with personal cures and get a job that has lots of wealth deities element.

A long list of relationship between elements and five element is found in either the Applied Feng Shui Made Easy Book or the Applied Feng Shui (Theories & Concepts) Course. Click here to obtain it.

Knowing these deities extremely useful for you. 


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